"That perfect tranquility of life, which is nowhere to be found but in retreat, a faithful friend and a good library." - Aphra Behn

Woman Spirit Yoga workshops and retreats offer women from Kuwait and around the world the opportunity to delve into their yoga practice, learning new ways of integrating yoga into their lives and discovering the beauty of body literacy.  Join us!

azerbaijan health & wellness retreat
26-30 september 2018


Wellness & Health Retreat to Azerbaijan From Sept 26-30 (women only) with Rana Alomani & Nina Haley. 

Organized by @ru7la, take a break from your day to day life, and invest some time in yourself with some “Me Time”. Enjoy 5 days of different activities, from Yoga, to Meditation, to Zumba, and dancing your heart out with Groove, with two amazing wellness & health instructors, and of course some “Treasure Hunt” adventures. You will also be sightseeing some of the most wonderful location of the city, as well as enjoying outdoor activities.

Cities will be visited: Baku, Qabala.
Accommodation: Hyatt Regency Baku, Qafqaz Resort Hotel
Package includes: Flight tickets, Transportation, Accommodation, Breakfast, Activities.
*All fitness levels are welcome to join in.
** Must be 18yrs old and above.

For further details, Call: +965 55860596

postnatal workshop, kuwait
27 march 2018


You’ve asked and we listened 🤓 the NEW date for the Postnatal Workshop is this coming Tuesday from 10am-12:30am with @ninahaleyyoga and @ranafitness .
If you’re interested plz register via Whatsapp 📞+965 96939979 📞.
If you just gave birth (Postnatal) (2 weeks-6 months) this workshop is for you 👶🏻.
Postnatal Workshop: How to Safely "Snapback"
Are you a new mom looking to get your pre-baby body back?
Are you a newly postpartum mom who isn't sure what exercises are safe and effective to perform after birth?
Do you want to restore your core and pelvic floor muscles for increased quality of life after the birth of your baby?
Well join us as we offer this informative, hands-on workshop for newly postnatal moms.
What you will learn in this workshop:
• the physical changes your body has gone through during pregnancy and the birth process
• breathing techniques to help re-educate the core and pelvic floor
• safe and effective exercises and yoga postures to help heal the newly postnatal body
• pelvic floor strengthening and relaxation techniques to promote pelvic and sexual health
• what is diastasis recti, why does it occur, how to assess whether you have one and how to heal it. 

yoga for menstruation, Kuwait
10 february 2018


• Do you experience discomfort or pain during your period?

• Are you looking for safe and effective yoga postures to practice during menstruation?

• Do you want a better understanding of your menstrual cycle and reproductive system?

Join us on Saturday 10-Feb 2018 at 4:00pm for a 2.5 hour menstrual yoga workshop. Learn about the menstrual cycle and reproductive system and how a woman centered yoga practice can assist you throughout your cycle.

You will leave this workshop with a new sense of body awareness and a mental toolbox full of postures and practices to help relieve common discomforts during your cycle.
**You DO NOT need to be menstruating at the time of the workshop**

🍓All women are welcome!🍓seats are limited to 15 participants only 🍓

pre & postnatal wellness workshop, kuwait
28-29 april 2017