Yoga Teacher, Doula and Childbirth Educator, Nina Haley, provides women in Kuwait with well-woman yoga, pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga classes, childbirth education, professional doula services, menstrual and pelvic health education, Red Tent Circles, Birth Circles and rite of passage ceremonies.

All services focus on healing and balancing the whole woman, preparing pregnant women for labor and birthing, helping new moms heal from birthing and adjusting to motherhood, strengthening the pelvic floor, understanding and honoring menstruation, fertility awareness, connecting body and mind, and learning to live from heart/womb space while reconnecting with the divine feminine in each of us.  


Yoga for Women

Photo Credit: Selina Francis

Woman Spirit Yoga allows women to connect with themselves on a deep spiritual level.  Through the practice of conscious breathing, meditation, yoga nidra, combined gentle and energetic asana and kriya, women can release tension from the pelvis, freeing the hips and moving in ways that help promote pelvic health and overall wellness.  Group and private yoga classes are available to pregnant, postpartum, menstruating and non-menstruating women.

Childbirth Education

Childbirth Education classes are designed to educate, prepare and empower women  to enter into labor and birthing with confidence in their choices.  Women who take Woman Spirit Childbirth Education classes or AMANI Birth classes are more capable of making informed decisions about their labor and birthing experience.  We honor women's right to make the decisions that are right for themselves and their babies.

Doula Services

Photo credit: Selina Francis

Doula support services honor a woman's journey into motherhood.  A doula's purpose is to support the mother's birthing experience in the way the mother chooses for herself.  Woman Spirit Doula services offers prenatal yoga, obstetrician visits, assistants in creating a birth plan, attendance at your birth, immediate aftercare, postnatal home visit, postnatal yoga and sacred belly binding.