"Do you want to be an active participant or a passive recipient in your birthing experience?" - Aisha Al Hajjar

Pregnancy & Birth services include prenatal yoga, childbirth education classes, birth preparation classes and professional labor & birth doula services.



Pregnancy yoga classes in Kuwait have a number of benefits for the expectant woman.  Prenatal yoga can help alleviate common discomforts associated with pregnancy, prepare you both physically and mentally for the rigors of labor, connect you with your baby(ies) and offer you connections with other women sharing a similar experience.  Practicing yoga while pregnant helps women become familiar with regulating their breath to relieve tension, stress and discomfort, while also preparing for labor.  Prenatal yoga practice also builds strength and endurance in both mind and body.  In prenatal yoga classes, you can prepare for the process of labor in a peaceful and protected environment, ask questions, share experiences and learn more about labor and birthing from a mom of 3 and professional doula with over 10 years of prenatal and postnatal fitness experience.

Private Prenatal Yoga lessons are highly recommended for those who are expecting multiples (twins, triplets, etc), those who have had multiple miscarriages (early or late term), those who have received multiple IVF treatments, those with prolapse, severe diastasis recti or pubic symphosis syndrome.


childbirth education (3 options)

Option 1: Woman Spirit "How, When & Why" childbirthing classes offer parents an unbiased look at pregnancy, labor and birth.  This comprehensive curriculum is evidence-based and the content is easily absorbed so that expectant parents feels prepared for their labor, birth and the immediate postpartum experience. I have added region specific information for parents giving birth in the Gulf Region.

Option 2: AMANI stands for Assisting Mothers for Active, Natural, Instictive birth for a blessed start in life.  AMANI is an Islamic based childbirth education program that is open to all faiths and is suitable for groups, couples or women only classes.  I, myself, am not Islamic but I have found that this education series is a comprehensive, hands-on and practical childbirth education program for parents giving birth in the Gulf Region.

Childbirth series require a total of 10-13 hours depending on how deeply you and your birth partner want to dive into each lesson.  Childbirthing classes can broken down into 2, 3 o 4 hour sessions.

Option 3: Birth Preparation classes are custom tailored to your specific needs if a full series of childbirth education classes are not needed.  Custom classes include but are not limited to: The Birthing Partner, Communication Comfort & Positions, The Birth Process, Yoga for Birth. 


birth doula services (in-person & Virtual)

Woman Spirit Doula Services offers non-judgemental , non-medical emotional, physical and informational support and assistance during labor, birth and immediate postpartum periods.  Women and their partners looking for a doula who will support all of their choices and their birthing desires can be comfortable knowing that I provide labor services for ALL types of births, including:

  • Un-medicated births ("natural" birth)
  • Vaginal births
  • Medicated births (epidural or any other medical pain relief)
  • Inductions (pitocin, foley, suppository, etc.)
  • Multiples (twins, triplets, etc)
  • Cesarean births
  • TOLAC / VBAC (trial of labor after cesarean / vaginal birth after cesarean)
  • Hospital, birth center and homebirth

I have experience with all of the above and have been hired for all of the above type of births.  There are a variety of birthing packages available to suit the needs of your growing family. 

At this time, I only take 1 (one) in-person doula client and 1 (one) virtual doula client per month.  My availability is on a first paid, first served basis.