"We don't have to do it alone. We were never meant to." - Brene Brown


Woman Spirit Postpartum Doula Services offer new parents the opportunity to settle into their new family dynamic with a trained professional by their side.  The first 1 to 2 months is typically the most difficult period of adjustment for the new family, this is when they tend to require the most non-judgemental support and assistance.  I focus on serving families within the first 40 days to 8 weeks after the birth, however, if a family finds benefit in continuing with postpartum doula services, longer contracts are available by request.

How is a postpartum doula different than a baby nurse or nanny?
The postpartum doula is NOT a baby nurse nor a nanny, the postpartum doula cares for the baby, the new parents, the entire family.  The doula is a non-judgemental voice when one needs to be heard, an ear when one is needed to actively listen, a shoulder when one is needed to cry on.  A postpartum doula is a trained professional with experience in a variety of postpartum and parenting circumstances. One who can provide neutral information on an array of parenting choices that may come up for the new parents, so that the parent's can make their own decsions.  The postpartum doula builds a relationship with the family, or has already if the doula served as a labor & birth doula for the family as well.

What exactly does a postpartum doula do? 
Simply put, a postpartum doula cares for the entire family, she specializes in both baby care AND care for the postpartum mother, the doula offers support for any partners and older siblings.  Imagine this scenario, new parents return home with their new baby, they aren't quite sure how to arrange their sleeping patterns, who sleeps when, do they swaddle the baby or not, does mom breastfeed, bottlefeed, formulafeed and/or pump, does dad bottlefeed too, how do they spend quality time with older childre or pets and again, who sleeps when?  In walks their postpartum doula to assist them in navigating the many choices available to them. The parents can sleep, get assistance with breastfeeding, pumping and bottlefeeding, they can eat, shower, bond with each other and their new baby.  The postpartum doula makes them both tea and ensures the new mother has a nourishing postpartum meal.  The doula has taken the time to get to know them, to understand their needs, to listen and help them debrief from their birthing experience, to provide resources and information if the parents ask for it, but most importantly to care for and support the new family without judgement and without making decisions for them.

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** Birth doula clients receive special rates, so please be sure to ask if you're considering having birth doula support and postpartum doula support.