childbirth education

"Do you want to be an active participant or a passive recipient in your birthing experience?" - Aisha Al Hajjar

woman spirit childbirth education classes

Choose from one of three Woman Spirit Doula Childbirth Education Classes:

Childbirth Techniques for Natural Birth - education and techniques to avoid uneccessary medical interventions.  Natural Birth means something to each woman, in this class we will define what natural birth means to you and practices you can use to achieve your desired birthing experience.

Birth Partner: How to Assist a Laboring Mother - a class designed to specifically educate your partner/birth partner to actively assist you in labor and birthing.  This class is useful for couples who do not plan to hire a doula or who wish to have more hands-on assistance from their partner.

Birth Preparation: Yoga for Labor and Birthing - a yoga based class to assist you in active movement during labor and birthing, birthing positions, use of ball, chair, wall, pillows, etc. to assist in staying active during labor and birthing, and resting comfortably when needed.

  • 60KD per class
  • 160KD for all 3 classes.

amani birth education classes

AMANI stands for Assisting Mothers for Active, Natural, Instictive birth for a blessed start in life.  AMANI is an Islamic based childbirth education program that is open to all faiths and is suitable for groups, couples or women only classes.  I, myself, am not Islamic but I have found that this education series is the most comprehensive, hands-on and practical childbirth education program available for expectant parents in Kuwait. The series is 20 hours total, broken down into either 10 sessions, 2 hours each or 5 sessions, 3 to 4 hours each.

In this 20 hour series you will learn:

  • how to work with your body, trust in yourself, trust in your baby, trust in your body
  • pregnancy nutrition and exercise
  • the purpose of labor and stages of labor
  • the role of hormones
  • an overview of pregnancy, labor and birth
  • choosing your birth team and protecting your birthing environment
  • labor and birthing positions
  • common complications and medical interventions
  • how to create a birth plan
  • labor and birthing practice
  • postpartum care, baby care and breastfeeding

240KD AMANI Birth Series (20 hours)

*The Deluxe Doula package includes AMANI Birth series